The 10 best new Houston restaurants of 2015- The Examiner

bb_butchersThe calendar year 2015 has been a busy one for interesting new restaurants in Houston, and been a very fun one for intrepid local diners. Some of the best new spots include sushi and Japanese-inflected, Greek, eclectic, at least a couple offering nods to Southern culinary traditions, and steakhouses, which might be the most indelible of the American (and Houston) restaurant concepts.

As the Astros sprung back to Houstonians consciousness this summer for the first time in years, a baseball analogy might apt. No one was really swinging for fences yet, and there were no home runs, but a number of sharp singles and maybe even a double or two. With food quality and execution being of paramount importance, other criteria included utility of concept, how interesting the fare is, décor, service – rarely a high point in Houston dining to be honest – and the wine and other beverage programs, which continue to get better and better.