B&B Butchers Launches All-New Booze Bites Social Hour menu!- Your City Your Style

boozebites2B&B Butcher’s new happy hour menu is true to form in featuring a wide variety of meats. Although the only green you’ll find is in the mini-landscaping on the upstairs deck, there are seafood items such as the mini crabcakes, grilled shrimp pizza, and fried oyster sliders. In addition to crafting bites that are tasty, Chef Tommy Elbashary employs creative presentation in items like the truffled cones. These are fried wonton cones filled with delicious classic chicken salad. Of course, you can find meaty items that nod to the B&B Butchers main menus such as mini beef wellington and beef sliders. What is happy hour without alcoholic beverages? Not very happy. There are plenty of liquid menu items to turn up the corners of your mouth!