B&B Butchers offers $124 hot dog

By Greg Morago – Houston Chronicle – Updated 2:53 pm, Monday, April 3, 2017

Who wants to spend $124 on a hot dog topped with wagyu, lobster meat and edible 24-karat gold flakes?

Let’s blame baseball fever on this decidedly over-the-top creation offered beginning today at B&B Butchers & Restaurant to mark the beginning of the Houston Astros regular season opener this week.

Let’s also give B&B some credit for lending some glam to the festivities surrounding the start of another year of Astros baseball. The Washington Avenue restaurant that is among the city’s most delicious high roller venues has gone all out to welcome the new season with a menu of luxe hot dogs featured through April 9.

Executive chef Tommy Elbashary is offering four gourmet Texas wagyu hot dogs including the Chef Tommy’s Dog (with applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese, and caramelized onions with truffle honey; $26), The Carpetbagger Coney (with Cajun fried oysters, applewood smoke bacon, and house-made blue cheese dressing and hot sauce; $29), and The Wellie Dog (in a puff pastry with wild mushroom deuxelles and seared foie gras served with marsala sauce; $42). And then there’s the show off, the Break the Bank Frank: a wagyu hot dog in a truffle butter-toasted bun topped with A5 Japanese wagyu, sautéed Maine lobster in a truffle mustard beurre blanc, and a scattering of 24-karat gold flakes). At $124 it has got to be the city’s most expensive frank.

All the hot dogs come with steak fries and a side of Texas wagyu chili.

B&B is also taking the opportunity to remind customers about its complimentary shuttle service called Rare Force One, a luxurious 14-seat van that includes wifi and has phone chargers at every seat. The van will be available to take guests to and from Minute Maid Park. Seats are limited so make a reservation.

B&B Butchers & Restaurant, 1814 Washington, 713-862-1814; bbbutchers.com