B&B Participates in The Social Book’s 2016 Launch Party at the Citadel On Kirby!

bbb1More than 800 guests traveled back in time to the Renaissance with The Social Book at the Citadel on Kirby to celebrate the launch of the 21st edition. Attendees banned together to enjoy “A Knight in Camelot”, a mystical journey to medieval Britannia and Europa. Renaissance clad party goers spent the evening gallivanting amongst several of Houston’s leading dining establishments as they got to nosh and sip on offerings from B&B Butchers & Restaurant and more. Entertainment for the evening included larger-than-life royalty from Puppet Pizzazz, serenades from Richard Brown Music and a casino setup from Monte Carlo Plus. The annual celebration continues to “throw down the gauntlet” as one of the can’t miss in Houston!