CultureMap Houston: Top 100 – The Very Best Restaurants in Houston

This is the list to top them all: Introducing Top 100, CultureMap’s ranking of the very best restaurants in Houston. Our list offers a comprehensive take on Houston dining, with thoughtful rankings from No. 1 all the way to No. 100.

It highlights Houston’s diversity and is rooted in the neighborhoods where our readers live — for a place in the ‘burbs to earn a spot, it must be worth the drive. It also has a bit of a sense of humor, which is how a divey Chinese restaurant with excellent fried dumplings winds up on the list.

Houston has over 10,000 restaurants. Sifting through them to figure out the top 1 percent wasn’t easy, but six years as CultureMap’s food editor provides a strong foundation. Visiting the restaurants — all of them since the beginning of 2018, many in the last four months — separated the merely good from the best. Read More.