Houston Steakhouse Temple Moves into Fort Worth: Spreading the Gospel of Old School Meat

Papercity – by Natalie Gempel – Benjamin Berg is bringing back the butcher shop. Two years ago, the New York-born restaurateur opened B&B Butchers & Restaurant in Houston to couple the classic craft with upscale dining. Now he’s ready to raise the stakes in North Texas.

B&B Butchers & Restaurant is coming to Cowtown, with plans to open a new location at Forth Worth’s Shops at Clearfork in September.

The Houston B&B is one of only nine restaurants in the United States certified to serve authentic Kobe beef, one reason for its wild success since opening. Whether the Fort Worth location earns the same certification, it will definitely serve up fine Texas and Japanese Wagyu beef, as well as in-house dry-aged USDA Prime beef — all butchered in-house, of course.

“I grew up in New York, I grew up on a street with a butcher,” Berg tells PaperCity. “The way I was raised in the steakhouse business was always dry aging meat, butchering meat — I always wanted to have a butcher shop. It’s like a dying art.”

The restaurant will be one of the first to open at the Shops at Clearfork, snatching up a nearly 10,000 square foot space near Neiman Marcus. A massive butcher shop and prepared food market will take shape on the first floor. Step into the shop’s walk-in cooler, and you will be transported to the steakhouse’s upscale dining room, complete with a spacious patio.

The speakeasy-style steakhouse will have some of the vintage charm of B&B’s Houston location, with distinctly Fort Worth accents throughout.

“It’s going to have an old school feel, but with a lot of contemporary twists to it, which I’m excited about. We’re not trying to recreate B&B in Houston, we’re trying to make a Fort Worth B&B. It’s not a cookie cutter,” Berg says.

Berg has hosted numerous charity events at the restaurant in Houston, and he is eager to make B&B Butchers & Steakhouse a staple of the Fort Worth community.

“I know Fort Worth is big on the arts, and I was actually a art history major in college, believe it or not,” Berg says. “We’ve been searching for some important art pieces, especially within the cattle business and western culture. We have some cool things up our sleeves that we want to do.

“We want to push the envelope on the steakhouse.”