Houstonia Mag: Thanksgiving 2019: Where to Eat, What to Order

Yup, with the holiday just two weeks away (seriously, two!), it’s time to tell you from where you can order a full to-go dinner, and where you can go if you just don’t want to prepare and clean the house. Here’s our list.

Dinner To-Go

There’s a Thanksgiving-to-go menu at B&B Butchers & Restaurant. You can pick up a main course, sides, and dessert—turkey at $6 per pound (or smoked for $6.99 per pound); roasted prime rib with au jus and pommes purée, plus Yorkshire pudding; traditional sides; and pies. Order 48 hours in advance of pickup, which begins Nov. 26 and lasts through 4 p.m. Nov. 28. Call 832-767-4828. Read More.