My Red Glasses: Never too Late for a Great Meal….I Finally Made it to B&B Butcher and the Meal Was So Worth It!

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.38.06 PMSo, I’m not normally a slow reactor to things that are going on in this city, especially when I’m hearing rave reviews about it, but in the case of the opening of B & B Butchers, timing worked against me. I had to miss the opening party for Best Buddies that Becca hosted there due to a 5-week long back ailment, I missed the blogger soiree because I was in Europe, then Restaurant Week happened so we stalled and before we all knew it it was late September.  I had been to this restaurant located on the East End of Washington Ave, in the historic Dittman Bakery built in 1924, but only  for private parties. I had never been privileged to have a true, honest, meal, hand-picked for us by the master himself, Mr. Berg and it finally happened last week.

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