Swordfish Ribeye and Chicken-Fried Wagyu: B&B’s Unique New Additions

Houstonia – By Nath Pizzolatto – Since its 2015 opening, B&B Butchers and Restaurant on Washington Avenue has developed a reputation as one of the top beef purveyors in town. The combination steakhouse/butcher shop is well-known for the quality of its in-house dry-aged beef, though of course the restaurant has other offerings as well.

Indeed, B&B recently announced they’ll be adding some new menu items, including a series of daily specials. And though some of those dishes include steak, most more uncommon: a pineapple-glazed chicken-fried pork chop, for instance, or bone-in filet mignon with crab and chimichurri.

Permanent additions to the menu include:

All items are available for lunch and dinner, except for the sole, which is only offered at dinnertime.

In addition to these new menu items, B&B is now offering “Butcher Plate” daily specials at both lunch and dinner: 

According to a release, B&B is the only restaurant in Texas offering the ribeye cut of swordfish as a menu item.