The Skinny – B & B Butchers (Steakhouse & Butcher Shop) – Urbanswank

urbanswankHouston has had its share of new steakhouse openings this year but B & B Butchers is the one that is transforming the way we think about restaurants where meat is king. When we first visited the Heights steakhouse, our minds immediately drifted to thoughts of Peter Lugers Steakhouse in Brooklyn (New York). Without spending too much time on the comparison, well just say they are holding their own against one of the nation’s best.

At B & B Butchers, two floors allow for two different (but equally divine) dining experiences. One is more reminiscent of a traditional steakhouse with off the floor booths, dim lighting, and exposed brick walls. Upstairs is brighter with floor to ceiling windows that span across the entire front and back walls where the latter overlooks the skyline-view patio which is perfect for gatherings of any kind. The flower arrangements by John Friedman will leave you weak and yearning to take them home and let’s not forget there are bars located on both floors cutting the wait time between you and your beloved cocktail.

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